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Betsy Smith, Phd, Certified Coach Advocate

In 2014 Betsy's husband was diagnosed with cancer. He died in 2018 and during those 4 grueling years she honed her own advocacy skills. She frequently reflected on the similarities and differences between advocacy and leadership and realized that support for learning how to be a more effective advocate—especially questioning, research and sheer dogged determination—was not readily available. She now fills that gap by leading workshops and speaking to groups on how to successfully navigate the healthcare system and advocate on behalf of their families and friends through workshops and speaking.

Betsy has been a professionally certified coach and leadership trainer for many years, herself performing at a high level in the leadership world. Her clients relate to her as someone who both understands and who offers gentle accountability on their health and wellness journey. 

As a vital member of Bay Centre's Wellness Team, Betsy can help you define your vision, goals, strengths, challenges, and path for getting your life, health, and wellbeing to the next level. 

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