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Charles Ryan, LMHC

"I've never had such a good time learning!"

With a unique blend of humor, wisdom, and presentation, Charles is a sought-after presenter on a vast range of topics.

Charles is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Coach. In his private practice, as a counselor, coach, and EAP provider, Charles works with individuals and couples to increase self-awareness, improve communication, build sustainable goals, identify personal and professional purpose, and live the life they design.

Charles' original career was in the creative field of film editing. Over a decade ago, Charles decided to fulfill a life-held goal of becoming a psychotherapist. He achieved a Master of Science in Psychology and Counseling at Troy University, graduating with honors. 

As someone dedicated to growth and human development, Charles began to realize that many of his clients didn't quite fit the typical counseling model and didn't really require treatment. Instead, he found that they were looking for self-awareness, clarity, and someone to partner with them to achieve their goals. He attained a professional coach certification and began to offer a blend of services that led to increased success for his clients looking for a holistic approach.

​Today Charles finds that his experience with film editing has really not changed all that much. Instead, he applies what he learned in that field to help his clients with their "life and career editing". He derives great satisfaction in assisting clients to identify life and career gaps, identify strengths to leverage, and create life and career maps that they can follow successfully. He is a champion of a life well lived and his clients are instantly connected to that goal.

Whether Charles is providing services as a counselor and/or coach in private practice, providing services under an organization's EAP plan, or giving leading edge presentations, his clients find him to be dynamic, engaging, and knowledgeable. 

"Using my training as a mental health therapist I am able to inform groups as I entertain them. I don't tell jokes. I tell stories. I ask for their stories. As a group we piece together moments that we can take with us far beyond today. These sessions are full of 'take aways'. More that buzzwords and temporary feel good quotes. Real life instructions people can use in their lives right now. I'm a public speaker with a message they want to hear."

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