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A Healthy Life Is Within Reach

Bay Centre Health and Wellness, Inc.

Supporting You

Our Team of Healthcare Practitioners

We start by listening to every word that you tell us about how you feel in your body and in your life. We take note of your experiences with other healthcare professionals and we listen to your healthcare story. We ask a LOT of questions in 9 key lifestyle, nutrition, and health areas. We get to know you - your vision and your goals and what it means for you to feel healthy and well in your body, mind, and in your life. We work with your physician or our Medical Director to obtain laboratory results that specifically targets nutrition and other biomarkers for optimal health. We help you understand your body and what is happening to you. We teach you to advocate for yourself as we create a tailored, integrative plan customized for you. Lastly, we offer coaching for support, focus, and execution.

You are not alone on this journey. You can feel better. And, you can reach optimal health and wellbeing. Let us show you how.

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