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Wanda Taylor, MCC, Founder

With over 30 years in the coaching and human growth field, Wanda works with individuals, executives, and corporations to create peak performance while achieving optimal health and wellbeing.

Wanda has always been interested in change, resilience, and self-actualization. As a coach, she helps her clients to become specific about their vision for their life, their relationships, their health and well being, their recreation and play, their creative life and entrepreneurship, and other key life areas. She begins with a strategic vision, aligns to priorities and values, explores support systems including health, family, environment, and career, and then helps her clients create an organic, specific, and measurable plan for success

As an executive and corporate coach, Wanda has also assisted many organizations with their own culture, leadership development, and assisted in creating programs for corporate health and wellness and professional development. Wanda's executive and corporate experience and services can be found at

If you are interested in booking with Wanda, please click on the button provided below. 

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