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Laboratory Services

As part of our comprehensive health and wellness services, we offer a Medical Director or Dietitian Consultative Review. This includes a review of healthcare records, obtained with your permission, which includes any laboratory reports. 

Improving quality of life for our clients addresses the common causes of health conditions. The best way to do that is with up-to-date clinical data that analyses neurotransmitters, hormone imbalances, as well as other health markers.


We develop a personalized program for each of our clients that takes the shortest, most direct approach to achieving optimal health. That involves getting a baseline of current functional health through a review of laboratory results obtained within the last 6 months. If this is not available, we may request updated labs to establish that baseline. Once the baseline has been established, we may request additional labs at the end of the health and wellness program to update and confirm positive changes. Getting laboratory results may also prompt new and different questions that may lead to a better diagnosis as we work back with their physician or healthcare provider.

All laboratory requests or reviews are conducted by our Medical Director or at a partner medical facility. These results are discussed with our team and are incorporated within our Health and Wellness Plan at the direction of the physician. All results are also shared with the referring physician or the client's designated physician of choice.

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