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Tom Schneider, MD

Medical Director

Bay Centre Health and Wellness is proud to be affiliated and directed by Dr. Tom Schneider, a well respected and sought after physician specializing and board certified in 5 services areas, including health and wellness (his bio can be found under Our Team). Dr. Schneider has founded and directed multiple nationally-known Wellness Centers specializing in anti-aging, hormone replacement, metabolic syndrome, interpretation of lab results, and other health and wellness areas. He serves on global review and research boards, is sought after for his speaking expertise and humor, and has authored two books, including A Physician's Apology (can be found on Amazon). 

As our Medical Director, Dr. Schneider sets the vision, philosophy, policies, and practice for our Health and Wellness Center. These integrative healthcare principles include:

  • truly taking the time to listen to our clients' experiences, symptoms, and vision/goals

  • completing a comprehensive health and wellness assessment in 9 key strategic areas

  • obtaining recent laboratory results or directing labs to be completed based on our clients' specific profile, inclusive of a Medical Director consult to educate and discuss results

  • assembling healthcare records for all providers currently treating our clients

  • looking for patterns, gaps, and context that relies on a complete healthcare picture

  • providing an individualized Health and Wellness Plan that provides specific treatment modalities in each goal area provided by certified and licensed team members

  • assigning a Client Coach Advocate and Certified Health Coach to oversee the plan, provide ongoing education and coaching support, and to staff progress with Dr. Schneider and the team. 

  • provide Nutrition support, if that is part of their Plan

  • setting up benchmarks, milestones, and metrics to gauge progress alignment with our clients' goals

  • communicating with healthcare providers via comprehensive reports (with permission) and ongoing communication availability. We consider ourselves part of our referring physicians support team.

Exerting just the right blend of easy-to-understand education, humor, and a wide depth and breadth of knowledge and wisdom, Dr. Tom Schneider offers our clients an experience that they can trust and results that will change their lives.

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