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About Healthy Living

Bay Centre Health and Wellness offers group coaching for education and support. We are constantly updating our groups; so, please check back often.

The Healthy Living Personal Group Program

No  matter where you are in your life, there is always room for feeling healthier! We are here to support you with a little education and a whole lot of support.

This program includes 4 - 1 hour weekly sessions in which we will:

-complete a life assessment in 9 key areas

-clarity your vision and set goals using a coach approach

-provide a little education on our part

-coach and support the group to reset and restore

-create a plan to follow for the next 3 months

Click the button below to book your discovery call or sign up. See you on the inside!

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The Healthy Living Group Workshop

The time is now to learn about your relationship to food - what type of eater you are, what foods bring you energy and what foods sustain your energy, and what habits and behaviors contribute to your overall health and well being.

We'll help you formulate a vision that is compelling, effective, and even fun to follow. We'll teach you how to sustain your focus and set your priorities around your goals and vision. We'll teach you a bit about food, your body, and how your body works and can work better.

This is a fun, interactive 4-hour workshop for groups of 8 - 10 to ensure high engagement and personal touch.

Click the button below to book a Discovery Call or to book the workshop (face-to-face on location).

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