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A recent study by Health Affairs found the following benefits of corporate wellness programs:

  1. Improves employees' health behaviors

  2. Reduces elevated health risks

  3. Reduces healthcare costs

  4. Improves productivity

  5. Decreases absenteeism

Our corporate wellness programs are negotiated on an individual basis and includes the following components:

  • FREE Health Risk Analysis with comprehensive reporting and presentation to key leaders

  • Corporate Exploratory with key leaders to determine a corporate vision, goals, and effective strategies

  • Individualized Corporate Plan with ROI and metrics to measure benchmarked success

  • Software platform with individual employee accounts, reporting, automated resources, strategic monitoring of programs, and more

  • Designated Corporate Coaching Health Advocate to serve as liaison, trainer, advocate, and coach

  • Quarterly progress meetings with key leaders and team

  • Training provided by nutritionist, mental health counselor, coaches, and others

  • Small groups in vital health areas

  • Other features

70% of employees enrolled in corporate wellness programs have reported higher staff job satisfaction, less turnover, higher staff engagement, healthier behaviors, higher work performance, and better work/life balance. 

Click below to book your FREE Health Risk Analysis or to talk to a Program Director.

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