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10% Human - Our Ecosystem

We have heard much conversation of late about our microbiome, a community of all microbes, such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and their genes, that naturally live on and inside our bodies. We've heard a lot about the gut biome, prebiotics, probiotics, organic foods, pesticides, etc. This is the subject for our dietitian, Jen Pfeifler. As a certified life coach, my take on our body's ecosystem is slightly different, though just as necessary - it's the concept of internal resonance to the community of organisms that exist with us and in us.

Did you know that there are 100 trillion cells that make up the human body? There are 86 - 171 billion nerve cells in the brain, depending on who is counting. We lose approximately 10,000 neurons every day, which represents about 3.5 million a year. The Human Genome Project, the agency responsible for mapping the sequence of the human genome and identifying our genes, came up with approximately 20,000 - 25,000 genes. Now are you ready for the interesting part - ONLY 10% OF ALL OF OUR MICROBIOME IS HUMAN! Read that again and read it another way. That means that 90% of our microbiome is NOT human. So, if you think we are not a community of beings living under one roof, you might want to think again.

Why does this matter and why is this in a life coaching blog post? Because the way we THINK about ourselves and the way we IDENTIFY ourselves needs to change. You've heard the expression, "It starts with you." Well, it most certainly does.

So what does this all mean and why does it follow my post yesterday about coherence? Because so much of what is happening in us and around us is not in coherence. For example, did you know that there are 1000 SPECIES of bacteria living ON your skin? Did you know that many of the products we use to soften or protect our skin actually kills these bacteria, the bacteria that serves to protect us NATURALLY? These bacteria helps you fight infection, heal wounds, limits inflammation, and so on. We've been taught that pharmaceutical companies and product manufacturers know better than our own bodies as to how to protect and heal itself. Why is this? It's easier and we also just don't know or we feel overwhelmed with conflicting information. But, why don't we know? Why don't we even know that it's a question we need to ask? Did you know that the gut and fecal biome directly impacts your heart? It most certainly does. And, the list of things to know goes on.

So, again, why is this information in a life coaching post? Because we need to change our minds and our beliefs. We need to ask better questions. We need to stop long enough to educate ourselves. It is also my belief that we are inundated with conflicting information, especially in these new fields. Finding an expert or even someone who is studying that area can help us begin to understand that health and wellness cannot be taken for granted. It is, after all, your body.

Most of all, we need to change our minds about the fact that we are everything, separate and apart from all other living beings. We, with our human consciousness is still only 10% of our bodies. it is time to live in peace, harmony, coherence, and cooperation, beginning with our own knowledge of our bodies. We are the host of an entire living universe whose sole goal is to heal us, protect us, and allow us to do what we came to do and experience. Just because we can't see it doesn't mean it isn't real. Isn't that true for just about everything? As Wayne Dyer said, "You have to see it to believe it." I say, "We see what we look for". Today, I hope you look at your body, health, and wellness differently and make the commitment to bring coherence to your own unique human body.

Questions for the day: What does my body need right now? What do I need to know to support it? Am I willing to change my mind and my approach to the community that is me? Am I willing to learn and teach others? I hope so.

PS If you want to check out your microbiome, we do laboratory testing and create plans for clients interested in learning more about themselves and how to become healthier with an increased sense of wellbeing.

Wanda Taylor, CEO

ICF Master Certified Coach

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