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Mind-Body Connection

As part of Bay Centre Health and Wellness' next 28 days: 28 messages, we will be exploring the mind-body connection. We will explore things like how our mind works and how it supports our general health and well being; the role that emotions play; beliefs, distortions, and biases and how they inhibit or contribute to our well being; and more. We invite you to check in for little known facts and for "what should be obvious facts" but aren't really something we think about much. Join us on this journey within as we explore who we are as human beings.

Let's start by defining Mind-Body Connection. Dr. James Gordon (founder of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine) defined it as, "The brain and peripheral nervous system, the endocrine and immune systems, and indeed, all of the organs of our body and all the emotional responses we have, share a common language and are constantly communicating with each other."

This state of constant communication is how our mind-body works. That communication is either positive or negative depending on a lot of things. Awareness of this gives us more ability to help ourselves. But, whether we are aware or not, it is still communicating. An example of this is when someone decides to lose weight (we would prefer they decide to become healthy but let's use this as an example) but cannot seem to. There are many reasons why this goal may be difficult. Jen posted a series of posts that help us understand the Gut-Brain Axis. For this post, I am exploring the Mind-Gut/Body Axis. Too often in life coaching, I see individuals who want to achieve a goal but are, as yet, unsuccessful. When we dive into the mind area of this, we find that there is often a conflicting belief that is getting in the way. For example, I want to lose weight but I put that weight on as a way of subconsciously "layering up" so that I don't have to face how lonely I feel. I am unaware of this until someone like a life coach or dietitian helps us explore the reasons behind our "failed" goal. In this instance, the goal has not failed at all - it has simply illuminated the fact that there is a conflict within ourselves that is hijacking our mind-body goal.

In this case, we do not have mind-body coherence - we are out of alignment with ourselves. "Coherence is a state when the heart, mind, and emotions are in energetic alignment and cooperation," Heart Math Institute Research, Dr. Rollin McCraty says. He goes on to say that coherence "is a state that builds resiliency - personal energy is accumulated, not wasted - leaving more energy to manifest intentions and harmonious outcomes." Increased resilience helps our immune system and our bodies in general. It also helps our life overall.

At Bay Centre we help our clients to examine the physical aspects of coherence through laboratory testing, dietetics, hypnosis, and medical massage. We also help our clients with psychophysiological coherence through life and health coaching. Have you had a goal that you know you can achieve yourself, but haven't? Do you feel like you are on the "top of your game" physically or emotionally? If you are, would you like to push that to the next level? Or if you aren't, would you like to get very specific so that you can achieve a higher level of health and wellbeing in a targeted way. If so, please book an assessment. It is our mission to help others be the best they can be. That best begins with intention. It begins with a decision. And, it begins with an action.

Tony Robbins says that, "the quality of our lives is defined by the quality of the questions we ask." As a coach and coach trainer, I believe and teach that. And, as a certified coach, I would not be doing my job if I didn't leave you with a couple of questions; so, here they are: Where do you feel that your life is out of balance or alignment? What are you prepared to do about that? And, lastly, if it was in coherence or alignment, where would you be 6 months from now?

Wanda Taylor, CEO

ICF Master Certified Coach

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